Argyllshire Piping
(Excludes the MacGregor Memorial Competition, the Rules of
which are issued by the Highland Society of London)
Any piper who has entered and has been accepted for
any competition at the Argyllshire Gathering fail to
attend or compete without having given the stewards
prior notice of their absence then an application to
enter in the following year may be rejected.
The March, Strathspey and Reel (intermediate)
competition shall be open to only those who have
competed in the MacGregor Memorial Piobaireachd
competition held on the first day of the competition.
After a Competitor has been called on to play, tuning
of Pipes must be kept to a minimum as the Judges
or Stewards may determine. Where lights or an
alternative are in use, competitors must abide by the
timing issued by judges.
Any Competitors misconducting themselves or acting
contrary to the Rules of the Gathering or the orders of
the Judges or the Stewards shall be excluded from the
Competitions and Prizes, and may be removed from
the Games ground or competition halls.
The Judges of the piping competitions shall be
entitled to stop any Competitor whilst playing if in
their opinion, he or she has no longer any chance of
winning a prize.
In all cases, the decisions of the Stewards will be final,
and they may postpone or abandon the Competitions
or any of them if necessitated by the weather or any
other circumstances, or alter the timing of particular
events, or the order in which Competitors compete,
of all of which they shall be the sole determinants.
Extra events may be added to the programme at the
discretion of the Stewards.
All Competitors must appear and compete in Highland
Dress or uniform. Bonnets should be worn but jackets
need not be.
Only Competitors taking part in the particular events
in progress will be allowed inside the ropes at the
Games ground.
The order of competing in all Piping Events will be
decided by ballot, drawn by the Stewards after 30th
June. Competitors will be able to view the order of
play via Order of play and
locations can be seen at the Secretary’s Office on the
Tuesday evening prior to the competitions and will be
displayed at competition venues on the Wednesday.
There must be more Competitors than prizes, or part
of the prizes may be withdrawn. No first prize may be
awarded unless there are at least two Competitors.
Prizes are normally presented on the Wednesday after
the Former Winners’ March, Strathspey and Reel in the
evening. Any prize-winners who cannot be present
for the prize-giving may claim their prizes earlier. On
the Thursday, prizes will be presented to the winners
by the Piping Steward after the conclusion of the
respective competitions. It remains the responsibility
of all prize-winners to claim their prizes, and neither
the Argyllshire Gathering nor any of the Stewards or
officials of the Gathering shall be responsible for any
prize not claimed.
For the purposes of Local Events and eligibility for
the Local prizes in other events (if any), a “Local”
Competitor is one who (a) is a Native of, or (b) has been
resident for the last two years in the County of Argyll,
or (c) is currently serving in the Argyll and Sutherland
Highlanders, or (d) who can satisfy the Stewards that
they have any other comparably close links with Argyll.
Intending Competitors must enter their qualifications
to play in Local Competitions on their Entry Form.
No competitor may win local events (Events 4, 5 and 6)
more than three times. Local Prizes will be awarded, or
withheld at the discretion of the Judges based on the
Entrant’s merit.
Competitors in Events 1, 2 and 3 intending to play
a setting of any tune not contained in the staff or
editorial notes of the Piobaireachd Society’s Books or
the Kilberry Book should give notice of the setting
which they intend to play at the time of submitting
their Entry Forms.
Competitors must be over 16 on the day of
competition for the Open events. Only competitors
under 16, and who must be 12 or over on the day of
competition, may compete in Event 5. (A piper under
12 may exceptionally be considered for entry by the
Entries for the open competitions must be lodged
according to the published timetable, the critical date
being 30 January each year for requesting a Ruling on
Eligibility from the Joint Committee. Late entries will
not be accepted.
Intending Competitors must enter via the www. website in the year of competition.
Juniors and Locals can enter on the field!!
A single entry fee of
is payable by each
Competitor entering for the Piping Competitions, and
will be collected prior to their being able to play in
their first competition at the Gathering. No entry fee is
required from competitors in the Local Competitions
or the Junior March, Strathspey and Reel.
On the Thursday morning of the Gathering all competitors
are requested to form a Pipe Band to accompany members
to the Games field. Pipers are to assemble under the Pipe
Major-ship of the previous day’s Gold Medal winner in
Station Square at 10.15am. A van will leave Oban station
carrying pipers’ gear to the Games field.
Torquil Telfer, Piping Steward
On behalf of the Argyllshire Gathering
Frithard, Connel Road, Oban PA34 5TX