2020 Timetable


Time No. Event
10.30am 1 The Argyllshire 3200m Handicap OPEN
10.30am 2 The Argyllshire Long Jump OPEN & LOCAL
10.45am 3 Argyllshire Youths 100m BOYS & GIRLS
10.45am 4 The Argyllshire Light Stone OPEN & LOCAL NOVICE
11.00am 5 The Argyllshire 100m Scratch Heats
11.15am 6 The Argyllshire Youths High Jump BOYS & GIRLS
11.15am 7 SHGA British Light Hammer Championship OPEN & LOCAL NOVICE
11.30am 8 The Argyllshire 100m Scratch Final OPEN
11.45am 9 The Argyllshire 100m Scratch Final LADIES
12 noon 10 SHGA British Heavy Hammer Championship (E.Cameron Quaich) OPEN
12 noon 11 The Argyllshire Triple Jump OPEN & LOCAL
12 noon 12 The Argyllshire 800m Scratch OPEN
12.10pm 13 The Argyllshire Youths Shot Put
12.10pm 14 The Argyllshire 200m Handicap Heats OPEN
12.30pm 15 The Hill Race (2.25miles/500ft.) OPEN
12.30pm 16 The Argyllshire 28lb Weight for Distance OPEN & LOCAL NOVICE
1.00pm LUNCH – Oban High School Pipe Band
1.30pm 17 The Argyllshire 200m Handicap Final
1.45pm 18 The Argyllshire High Jump OPEN, LADIES & LOCAL
1.45pm 19 The Argyllshire 1600m Handicap OPEN & LOCAL
1.45pm 20 The Argyllshire Caber LOCAL NOVICE
1.45pm 21 Tossing the Sheaf UNDER 16 YEARS
2.15pm 22 Tossing the Sheaf OVER 16 YEARS
2.30pm 23 Tug of War Competition (5 a Side) OPEN & NOVICE
2.15pm 24 The Argyllshire 100m Handicapped Race – Heats
2.45pm 25 The Highlander Caber Challenge (Inshaig Cup) OPEN
2.45pm 26 The Argyllshire 100m Handicapped Final OPEN
2.45pm 27 The Argyllshire Long Jump BOYS & GIRLS
3.00pm 28 The Argyllshire 800m Handicap Race OPEN
3.00pm 29 The Highlander Clachd 22lb (Inshaig Cup) OPEN
3.15pm 30 The Argyllshire 600m Race BOYS & GIRLS
3.30pm 31 The Argyllshire 42lb Weight Over the Bar LOCAL NOVICE
3.45pm 32 SHGA- British 56lb Weight for Distance Championships OPEN
3.45 pm 33 The Argyllshire 400m Handicap Race
4.00pm 34 The Highlander 56lb Weight Over the Bar OPEN
4.30pm Trophy Presentations



10.00 Junior March Strathspey and reel commences
10.30 March of the Stewards led by a band formed of the Competing Pipers
10.45 Presentation of the Piping Gold and Silver Medals
12.30 Fun Races – Kilted, veteran & childrens races (for NON competitors)
1.00 Lunch break
1.15 music by Oban High School Pipe Band
2.45 Fun Races – Kilted, veteran & childrens races (for NON competitors)
4.00 Presentation of Trophies
4.30 Pipe Bands march off field, back to Town Centre
10:30 – 2:30 Entertainment from Oban High School of Dance & Oban High School of Traditional Music


The 2019 Timetable will be announced soon!

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